My favorite workout is flexing my butt cheeks in time with my favorite songs. You can do both cheeks together or one at a time to create more complex rhythms.  

its like an animorph
These little rocks both got plastic bags wrapped round em like jackets


ún. magasélet hétfőn

minden tiszteletem, azt a poharat se látja már többé az innio

"GET THE BALL!!!!" by callumthompson on Flickr.

Another painting under way in the Aspens of Santa Fe | Rick Stevens Studio Blog 

Anonymous asked: Don't you think you should give up this art faze of yours and start taking classes in things like cooking, child rearing, fellatio and housekeeping so you can be prepared for your God given duty of having babies and keeping your man happy?

i have 1060 messages in my inbox. about 75% of them are like this

imagine if it was me writing these messages to myself as a satirical exercise

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